Surroundings: Aquileia

Visiting Aquileia is like stepping into a distant past, at the time of the Romans and the great expansion of Christianity.


Aquileia is an archaeological site in the open, rich and perfectly preserved with its important artistic treasures, like the mosaic floor of the Basilica, the largest in Europe.

Because of the preservation of historical artefacts and of its history, Aquileia is World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The city was founded in 181 BC to defend the territory from the invasions of the barbarians and over the time grew until it became an important political and administrative centre and a port.
The best period of Aquileia was the fourth century AD, when it became one of the most important centre for the spreading of Christianity.
In that period, thanks to its military, commercial and religious power, Aquileia became one of the greatest cities of the Roman Empire.

Today Aquileia is a cultural and historical treasure, where every street and house tells a majestic past. In the city you can visit the Basilica with its extraordinary mosaic floor, the Port River, the Sacred Street, the Archaeological Promenade and the National Archaeological Museum.

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