Surroundings: Marano Lagunare

The town of Marano Lagunare is reachable by Lignano Sabbiadoro by sea and it is a wonderful trip for all tourists on holiday in the seaside resort.

Marano Lagunare

Several ferries make day trips from Lignano to Marano, exploring the city, the beautiful lagoon and the typical flavours of the sea.

In Marano you find many palaces of the Venetian Republic.
The city was one of the centre of the Republic of Venice and one of the most important buildings still visible is the Loggia Maranese, a closed loggia where the community gathered.
Near the loggia there is the so-called Millennial Tower, 32 metres high. It is probably that in the beginning it had been a watchtower.
The tower has been several damaged by the 1976 earthquake and the upper part was rebuilt.

On the same square is the Palazzo dei Provveditori, the house of the governors of the fortress, that today host an exhibition of objects.

Of great importance, however, is the lagoon of Marano, whose variations in salinity offers visitors different areas with different kind of vegetation and bird-life.
For this reason, within the lagoon there are two regional natural reserves: the regional nature reserve Foci dello Stella and the regional nature reserve Valle Canal Novo.

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