Surroundings: Trieste and Castle of Miramare

Trieste is a particular city, rich in history, overlooking the sea, full of contamination of neighbouring countries.

Trieste and Castle of Miramare

Trieste is an European city, with its Theresian quarter that refers to the style of Vienna, the cafés and buildings, the streets and the views that remind the stays and the works of James Joyce and the life of Italo Svevo.

Trieste was born in the first century BC as Roman colony with the name of Tergestum and it was a military outpost and a commercial hub. During the imperial period, the city grew and were built the Forum and the Theatre.

Around 1300 Trieste came under Austria and in 1700 it developed thanks to the huge investments, becoming the first harbour of Austria-Hungary, but its population remained very attached to Italy. This feeling continued to grow until the signing of the Treaty of Rapallo in 1920, which sanctioned the annexation of Trieste to Italy.

During the Second World War the city and the surrounding area were sites of bloody wars and bombings.
Trieste was occupied by the Nazis, who transformed the Risiera of San Sabba in a concentration camp (the only Nazi concentration camp in Italy) and the by the Tito's Yugoslavia that had liberated from the Germans.

Trieste is once again part of Italy, after many vicissitudes, only in 1975 with the Treaty of Osimo.

Thanks to its history the city is rich in palaces, museums, squares, streets and places of worship particularly attractive, surrounded by mountains and see.

If you want to enjoy a wonderful horizon on the sea, the beautiful Piazza Unità will offer you the right point of view in a place surrounded by impressive buildings, including the Town Hall of end '800 and the Government Palace. There is also the Caffè degli Specchi, which opened in 1839.

In Trieste you will find beautiful churches and places of worship of different religions, such as the Cathedral of San Giusto and the Synagogue dating from the early 1900s, as well as the archaeological sites such as the Roman theatre and the aqueduct. It is impossible to list the most important places to visit, because each corner of Trieste offers history and culture, but sure can not miss a visit to the castle of Miramare.

Miramare Castle is a jewel of architecture and art
that stretches out into the sea.
The castle was built in the mid-nineteenth century by Archduke Maximilian of Hamburg, younger brother of Emperor Franz Joseph, to make their home to share with its wife, Charlotte.
The many rooms and the structure of the castle have are almost intact as at the time of construction, with the furnishings and decorations of the time.

Besides the beauty of the castle, now a museum, you can enjoy the great park. 22 acres of the park are home of trees coming from all over the world and of an Italian garden with large steps leading down to the sea, in addition to the marine park created by the WWF where fauna and flora are protected.

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